I Love My Hair Book

I Love My Hair Book

In this enchanting children's book, journey into the captivating world of afro hair and discover its extraordinary powers. Just like the shape of a strand of afro hair, Gamma rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. But did you know that in Afro-American Culture, it is believed that your hair is a natural extension of your nervous system?

Follow our young characters as they explore the secrets of their unique, beautiful hair. Learn how each strand forms tiny antennas that gather and channel powerful cosmic energy, bringing balance to the entire electromagnetic field of our body. Whether it's absorbing solar energy during the day or lunar energy at night, the magical properties of afro hair can enhance your life in remarkable ways.

Through vibrant illustrations and captivating poetry, children will be inspired to tap into the incredible abilities of their own hair. Hair that transmits energy for you to Sing, dance, and receive information from the sun faster, unlocks your creative potential and helps you invent incredible things. Delight in the heightened senses that allow you to taste more and cook better.

This imaginative tale celebrates the uniqueness and power of afro hair, empowering young readers with the knowledge that they possess a truly magical gift. So dive into the pages of this wondrous book and let your afro hair guide you to a world of endless possibilities.

$11.99 Soft Cover


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